The Future

Doctor, who? The Changing Face of Medicine

The Changing Face of Medicine (CFM) project is a commission under the auspices of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges that looks to develop a vision for the future rather than solutions to today’s challenges. A series of stakeholder meetings, culminating in an international conference in 2017, identified themes for future determination and the imperative to prepare for the future in our fast-evolving medical and societal settings. The conference report explores five key themes, crucial to the development of our healthcare system. The CFM project continues to play a pivotal role in taking this forwards.

The project’s driving force is the work and visionary thinking being undertaken by five Theme Groups, each encompassing a vital future area. In preparation for a second conference in February 2020, each Theme Group was asked to consider:

  • What health-related societal and technological developments can be anticipated?
  • What likely scenarios will exist in the future?
  • How can we prepare the profession for these changes?

‘Doctor, who? Shaping a vision for 2040’ was held at the King’s Fund on the 27 February 2020, just days before the UK entered lockdown due to Coronavirus. “COVID-19 brought February’s discussions sharply into focus. As leaders in the field we must demonstrate that we’re thinking not only about the problems that exist now, but also how medicine and the environment might adapt further and how things might look in the years to come,” says Professor Hungin.

The conference report, development of which was supported by Oxford Health Policy Forum, explores five key themes, crucial to the development of our healthcare system, as outlined by the CFM project.

Doctor, who?: The Changing Face of Medicine 2020