Schizophrenia: Time to Commit to Policy Change 2024 (Report)

Schizophrenia: Time to Commit to Policy Change 2024

Schizophrenia is recognised as one of the most complex and profound mental health conditions, steeped in both myth and reality. Efforts needs to be multifaceted, including policy development, treatment guidance and scientific innovation, with all stakeholders working together to ensure meaningful progress.

This report delves into the unique needs of people with schizophrenia, exploring supportive measures for their well-being, practical and attainable recommendations for change. The message to all nations, policy makers, payers and healthcare professionals is clear: strive for excellence, but most importantly – start somewhere!

Video recordings from the virtual launch event on 30 January 2024 explore the report themes, share best practice, and provide author perspectives.

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Schizophrenia: Time to Commit to Policy Change

An international group of patients, carers and experts in schizophrenia (psychiatrists, researchers, advanced practice nurses and advocacy groups) called for a more comprehensive, recovery-based approach towards the management and care of people with schizophrenia, so that they can be better integrated into their communities.

Local and national policy makers are urged to include all aspects of caring for an individual with schizophrenia as a priority in financing and programme development efforts.

Short summaries of the report for specific audiences – in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – are available below.