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Oxford Health Policy Forum supports projects focused on areas of significant unmet need that could bring about a positive change in health policy. Projects that are selected are deemed most likely to make a significant impact on the well-being of people affected by life-changing medical conditions.

For further information, please review our guidance below, which outlines the criteria your project must fulfil, and complete the questionnaire. Upon receipt of your completed questionnaire, it will be reviewed by the board of Oxford Health Policy Forum and we will be in contact as soon as possible if we would like to discuss your proposed project further.

Guidance on submissions for policy change support

Oxford Health Policy Forum – our focus

Oxford Health Policy Forum (OHPF) undertakes projects that will benefit individuals living with a life-changing disease, their caregivers (both formal and informal carers) and patient organizations that represent these individuals. Our approach of working with multidisciplinary author groups to develop scientifically robust, evidence-based recommendations to better address these conditions, has led to our recommendations being endorsed by many professional organizations and advocacy groups in several disease areas and have helped to improve the outlook for those affected.

Our offer

We are delighted to invite submissions from individuals and organizations that outline initiatives and projects aiming to bring about significant change in health policy and to make a meaningful change to the well-being of people affected by the specified medical condition.

Oxford Health Policy Forum will use its considerable expertise in health policy change to work in collaboration with you to secure funding for the execution of the proposed activities, and to support and enhance your project by offering strategic consultancy and/or medical writing and editorial services.

All suggestions must meet the following criteria.

  • Be relevant to a life-changing disease where the everyday practice of healthcare is out of step with current evidence, resulting in suboptimal care for individuals with that condition.
  • Require the provision of educational materials for one or more stakeholder groups to help them understand the healthcare issues that are most relevant to them and to take the necessary action. Stakeholders may include healthcare professionals, patients and those who support them, policy makers, and/or the general public.
  • Involve communication with key stakeholders by one or more means, such as:
    • white-paper-level policy reports, health policy research, analysis or short summaries
    • publications in scientific journals, bespoke evidence-based educational materials, presentations at national or international congresses
    • an online presence and use of social media, concise summaries in lay language for patients and those who support them
    • local stakeholder engagement tools and short items in lay language that they can share with others.


Oxford Health Policy Forum is offering support solely in the form of consultancy and writing services. We will do our best to collaborate on the initiation and delivery of projects subject to the following caveats:

  1. The Directors will review all submissions and will follow up within 1 month, to discuss projects that, in their sole opinion: a) have a strong likelihood of making a significant change to the well-being of people affected by the medical condition described and b) Oxford Health Policy Forum can help realise the success of the project.
  2. Oxford Health Policy Forum offers no warranties in respect of any submission being unable to obtain the requisite funding.


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