Oxford Health Policy Forum initiatives

At Oxford Health Policy Forum, we believe that one of the biggest challenges facing our society today is maintaining the health and welfare of our ageing population and, particularly, giving people the freedom to remain independent and contribute to society for as long as possible.

Here are some of the campaigns and initiatives that Oxford Health Policy Forum has supported that reflect this ethos. For further information, please get in touch.

The Future

Doctor, who? The Changing Face of Medicine

The Changing Face of Medicine (CFM) project is a commission under the auspices of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges that looks to develop a vision for the future rather than solutions to today’s challenges. A series of stakeholder meetings, culminating in an international conference in 2017, identified themes for future determination and the imperative to prepare for the future in our fast-evolving medical and societal settings. The conference report explores five key themes, crucial to the development of our healthcare system. The CFM project continues to play a pivotal role in taking this forwards.


Brain Diseases

Time Matters: A Call To Prioritize Brain Health

Brain diseases (‘neurodegenerative’ diseases) such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease pose an enormous socioeconomic and individual burden, and this will continue to grow. What should we do to avert a crisis?


Multiple Sclerosis

Brain Health: Time Matters in Multiple Sclerosis

Brain Health: Time Matters in Multiple Sclerosis presents consensus recommendations on diagnosis, therapeutic strategies and improving access to treatment in MS. Its core recommendation is that the goal of treating MS should be to preserve tissue in the central nervous system and maximize lifelong brain health by reducing disease activity. The report calls for major policy changes aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes for people with MS and those who care for them.


Acute Heart Failure

Improving Care For Patients With Acute Heart Failure

In collaboration with an international group of experts, Oxford Health Policy Forum delivered a policy initiative aimed at improving care for patients with acute heart failure. The report called for the needs of patients with acute heart failure to be addressed by means of clear policy initiatives and rational redesign of patient management pathways and healthcare provision.


Heart Failure

Heart Failure: Preventing Disease and Death Worldwide

Oxford Health Policy Forum collaborated with experts from six continents to produce a new white paper that addressed the burgeoning health and economic crisis imposed by heart failure. The evidence-based policy recommendations have the potential to drive improvements with the power to save lives.



Schizophrenia: Time to Commit to Policy Change

An international group of patients, carers and experts in schizophrenia (psychiatrists, researchers, advanced practice nurses and advocacy groups) called for a more comprehensive, recovery-based approach towards the management and care of people with schizophrenia, so that they can be better integrated into their communities.


Do you have an idea for a project that could bring about an important change in health policy? Oxford Health Policy Forum has proven expertise that could help you to realise your goals.