Virtual conferences

Oxford Health Policy Forum virtual conferences

As part of our commitment to advancing patient health, OHPF has been hosting virtual conferences with the aim to connect diverse global audiences of health professionals and provide access to the latest data and research.

OHPF conferences allow participants to:

  • network and debate with peers from around the world without leaving their office/home
  • gain updates on high-quality research without the need to travel
  • attend a conference at a time of their choice
  • attend conferences with minimal environmental damage.

Are you interested in supporting a new virtual conference?

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the way we interact and share data at conferences has evolved. Some conferences have chosen to offer virtual alternatives, whereas others have opted to cancel until face-to-face meetings can take place again. This has led to gaps and fewer opportunities for communication of key data to important stakeholders.

Oxford Health Policy Forum has been developing and running virtual conferences since 2018. We have extensive experience in conference development and management as demonstrated by our global conferences in multiple sclerosis,

If you are interested in supporting a new global online conference within a specific field or therapy area, then get in touch to find out more.