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Is the MS community ready to promote brain health?

6 October 2015

MS invitation coverThe goal of treating multiple sclerosis (MS) should be to preserve tissue in the central nervous system and maximize lifelong brain health by reducing disease activity.

This is the principal theme of a new report from an international multidisciplinary author group. Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis will be launched at an interactive symposium meeting today, on the eve of the ECTRIMS congress.

The report calls for a sea change in the management of the disease. Examples from other areas of medicine show that positive outcomes can be achieved when treating to a specifi­c target. The authors recommend a therapeutic strategy based on regular monitoring to support a treatment target that maximizes lifelong brain health, while fully involving people with MS in shared decision-making.

The symposium will discuss the evidence base for such an approach in MS, and the potential impact on health and economic outcomes.

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